Suggestion Therapy

Once the subconscious mind is receptive to change during hypnosis, positive suggestions are more readily accepted. These new positive beliefs may alter or improve existing negative ones. For example, it can help you to change unwanted habits, reduce pain, alleviate fears or increase your sports performance.

Amanda Brundrett

BSc Hons (Psychol), DHP, MAPHP

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Hypnoanalyst &
NLP Practitioner

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Tel: 07544 533121

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Hypnoanalysis allows you to safely revisit past memories or experiences that you may not even be aware of, to reveal the source of a deep-seated problem. The effects of this therapy can be profound and long-lasting and can resolve symptoms for life. This therapy works well on many conditions where there is a psychological or emotional content.


Neuro-linguistic Programming techniques identify limiting behaviours and alter them to improve effectiveness in many areas of your life, such as business, sport, education, performing arts or relationships.

Emotional Freedom Technique involves tapping with the fingers on specific acupressure points to reduce negative emotions caused by disruptions to the body’s energy system.